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Film Review Miracles happen everyday. In the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, the main character, Mr. Gump, shows us clearly that nothing is impossible as long as we put much effort and determination into it. This movie is based on a novel written by Winston Groom in 1986, and was transformed into this comedy-drama movie in 1994. I think this movie is quite encouraging, it makes the audience feel more positive and somehow understand that we should not give up easily

Forrest Gump wore leg braces when he was a little kid. As he was not as ‘intelligent’ as the other children, he always got bullied, his only friend was Jenny. Jenny is a very nice girl who didn’t mind Forrest’s mental ability nor his physical problems. Although they’ve gone through many different separation and difficulties, they finally get together and have a lovely family.

Many special effects are used in this movie, for example, there’s a scene when Gump was on stage with President Kennedy and some other scenes in which Gump was ‘inserted’ in a historical event. All these scenes are made by computer effects, although this movie was made in 1994, the visual effects are unbelievably realistic. The audience will certainly believe they are genuine scenes. The setting of this movie was quite simple, so it can develop to a more complicated situation and bring the audience more surprises.

As this movie can encourage the audience, it is quite inspiring. I think it’s a suitable movie for people who’ve just had