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Mississippi Burning The film "Mississippi Burning" is set in a time where civil rights was still not put into place. Three pro civil rights people tried to convince the state of Mississippi to integrate. In doing so the three workers were killed by members of the Klu Klux Klan. Integration in Mississippi wasn't something that was accepted and this is still argued. You are not born a races but you are taught to become one and that’s what many Mississippi parents did with their children.

Race was the main reason for the people of Mississippi not to accept integration. The south was and still is predominately white and with race comes hatred. They grew so much hate that they had a Klan, the Klu Klux Klan. Now where does all this hatred come from? It comes from each individual. When one can’t produce enough to be economically secure or who lives an unhappy life, they grow hatred for those doing better than them. It's like a seed that is watered with frustration and injustice. It is also fueled by fear. The fear of another ethnicity becoming superior scares another and there for leads them to feel hate and oppress the other race. One race is not superior to the other. Like I said its fear of realizing that the other ethnicity can do just as well or even better. We all want to be on top of the pyramid but this can be done without oppressing others. I believe race is a system of oppression because we as people can't forbid another race from living the American dream.

The study done by the researchers of the University of Chicago and Harvard University was done not too long ago from today & I feel it can still be very applicable. I don't know what's more frightening, race being hidden and below the belt or in your face like it was before. I say this because at least back then you knew that racism was a part of your society unlike today I feel we're so use to not feeling any oppression that when we are put in a place where racism is still very much alive we feel panic and in a way lost.

Racism has been around for many centuries. I don't believe it's genetic but is still does linger in many families and ethnicities. One can be taught to never be races because I have seen it. Yes, racism isn't like it was before. Our parents tell us to not judge someone by their color but by their character. But when we feel the same act being done by the same ethnicity we tend to judge them as a whole and in that…