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The film Godfather: Part 2, by director Francis Ford Cappola, is a film that is more than a sequel. The film is about an immigrant Italian family that gains control of criminal activities and enjoys the power that comes with the control. The film focuses on the parallels of the Corleone family. It follows the story of Micheal Corleone who is the leader of the Corleone family. Through the movie there are also flash backs to the rise of Micheal’s father, Vito Corleone. This helps to show the parallel of two generations of men who attained power through the criminal underworld.
Micheal Corleone acts as an executive of a large corporation. He has meeting with senators and the President of Cuba. He follows and protects his business and investments with anything that is in his power which includes murder. Micheal is also betrayed by his own brother in an assassination attempt. Micheal’s wife also aborts a pregnancy to avoid another child to inherit the criminal empire and tragic fait that is the Corleone empire and future. The plot of the film captivates the audience and draws much attention to the storyline. The success and tragedy of an immigrant family that attained the American dream of success in their own matter. The generation of Corleone’s that are affected and the lengths of a mother to stop the tragic future of men involved in crime.
The film has been reviwed and rated repeatedly as one of the best films ever made, it is not seen as a sequel trying to cash in on a