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Silent Killer: Stressed Out
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SWK3003 Social Science Research Methods
May 31, 2014
Executive Summary
Researcher wishes to address the incline of stress related medical issues within college students. Researcher proposes a study to test if by the college implementing mandatory yoga therapy that could reduce stress, will there be a decline in medical risks to the students? Researcher intends to use 200 new freshman students, testing their levels of stress at the beginning of the study as well as taking blood samples to identify current medical issues the student has. Throughout the study, 100 of the students will continue with their lives and simply be monitored; the other half will partake in weekly stress management classes. All of the students will be re-accessed mid year and at the final of the year. There will be a total of three tests during each assessment, being a traditional college stress test, symptom survey, as well as blood test to check for stress related diseases. Researcher will analyze data, and then submit a formal paper for review.

Silent Killer: Stressed Out

Statement of the problem: While it is known that all human beings experience stress, even fetuses, it is also known that the more a person attempts to do with their life, the more stress they may face. Therefore, it is only reasonable to assume that a college student attempting to balance their personal lives, their job responsibilities, and succeed in their studies, may have a greater amount of stress than someone who is not attempting to balance as many factors in their lifestyle. This raises the question as to if new college students should undergo a mandatory stress management classes throughout their first year of college to teach them skills to assist in the supervision of stress, therefore reducing their risk of suffering major health repercussions.
Purpose of the Study: Researcher wishes to conduct an experimental study to test if a college requires a mandatory stress intervention course to teach their freshman students how to manage stress, if that will reduce their risks in suffering from stress-related diseases and/or symptoms of stress.
Significance of the Problem: Chronic stress is one of the number one complaints from American’s today. Stress is not prejudice. It does not discriminate. It thrives the more a person suffers, and once it has consumed its victim, there is always the possibility it could cause death. Heart disease, severe depression, extreme anxiety, Crohns’, Hashimoto, the list goes on and on. The common denominator, the diseases and disorders can be activated and fueled by stress. The researcher wishes to conduct this study, so that colleges may implement mandatory stress management courses that teach new students how to manage the stress of college life properly, reducing their risks of becoming the next victim to one of the many debilitating diseases.
Review of Literature:
Does one major evoke more stress than another major? According to an article in the College Student Journal, it is believed that there is evidence to support the idea that those who major in a “hard” science field such as engineering, tests higher for stress than a student with a “soft” science major such as a psychology major. It is believed that if a major requires more than six math, biology and chemistry courses combined, then it is considered to be a “hard” major. If there is less than six required, it is considered a “soft” major. (Casazza & May, 2012)
Do freshman college students suffer more stress than a sophomore student? D. Balsink Kreig conducted a research project to evaluate if the “first year myth” existed or if it was fictional. This myth believed that students entering the college atmosphere hold such high expectations of what their experience will be like, that if their experience does not replicate their ideal situation,