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Final Exam Review 1) What are the three components of the structural model? 2) Which component is concerned with basic needs like food, water, shelter or sex? 3) Which component acts as a mediator? 4) Which component is concerned with society’s needs and wishes? 5) Which Projective Test is made up of blotches of ink? 6) What type of personality test is the Rorschach test? 7) Which test is known as the picture interpretation test? 8) What is the major problem of projective tests? 9) Which personality test is considered to be the best, most reliable test? 10) Name the problems with the MMPI 11) Which scientist was concerned with 16 distinct personality factors 12) Name the Big 5 personality traits. 13) What are the four dialectics of the MBTI or Myers Briggs 14) What would a person who has many friends or acquaintances be termed? (E or I) 15) What would a person who has very few CLOSE and intimate relationships be termed? (E or I) 16) A person who works from the facts to the big picture is generally an (S or N) 17) A person who solves problems through quick insight and leaps is (S or N) 18) A person who looks for logical explinations for almost everything is (T or F) 19) A person who is concerned with harmony and being aware what is missing is (T or F) 20) A person who likes to have a “to do” list is most likely a (J or P) 21) A person who works in short bursts of productivity is ( J or P) 22) This group makes up 35% of the population and is concerned with immediate rewards 23) This group makes up 12% of the population and their sensitivity often causes them to take any form of criticism personally 24) How many criteria are needed for a diagnosis of depression? 25) What is the name of the diagnostic manual for psychological disorders? 26) How many axis are diagnosable? 27) What is diagnosed on axis II 28) What disease has periods of depression and periods of mania 29) Define mania 30) Which type of Schizophrenia is marked by seeing or hearing things that do not exist in reality? 31) Which type of schizophrenia is marked by a flat or inappropriate affect? 32) Which disease has aspects of schizophrenia as well as either depression or bipolar? 33) Which disorder consists of separate distinct personalities? 34) Which personality disorder is marked by frequent inappropriate acts of anger, and a rapid change of opinion about people in their lives? 35) Which personality disorder is marked by seduction? 36) Name the psychopathic triad 37) What personality disorder is marked by an inability to be wrong? 38) List the reasons there are no old psychopaths 39) On what does treatment for antisocial personality disorder mostly rely? 40) Which disorder is concerned with having other people make most of your decisions? 41)