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We live in a modern world filled with vast technological innovations. The new generation is constantly connected to the internet through the use of their mobile devices, technology that didn’t exist fifteen years ago. It’s surprising how companies now hire social media expects to build leads with customers in order to create a brand. Our society has become integrated in the digital world. Since computers have become a part of our everyday life, it’s amusing how people still argue over getting a Mac or PC for their own computing needs. This paper will show the similarities and difference between a Mac and PC in today’s modern technological society. Computers have become essential to everyday life. We use the computer to pay bills, generate income, entertain us, and even store those embarrassing photos. Information has become more easily available and in theory anyone can become an expert in mostly any field. The market has vastly shifted in the last five years, in which we have seen more powerful and cheaper computers being produced. People generally want more power and getting a computer has become just as important as purchasing a car. Purchasing a Mac or PC is a love and hate relationship. As everyone knows there are major similarities and differences to both systems. Let’s first look at the general cost of both machines. A Mac IN general IS more expensive than a PC even though they could have the same bells and whistles. The common argument for any Mac user would be that the machine is built better but how does that explain on average the $500 dollar difference between them. In retrospect you could build/buy a PC with the same specs as a Mac and end up spending less than double of what the Apple machine is worth. Apple is the number leader in marketing. So once they slap there branded Apple logo on anything, the customer has an ease of mind in purchasing their product. The cost of a certain item is important to any consumer and sorry to say that cost will never affect Apple’s marketing plan. Cost also affects the design of both systems. The common expression is that if it looks nice than it must be good quality. Mac is generally more pleasing to look at because Apple invests a lot of time into the design of the overall product. Apple makes their machines more structurally sound and sleek, which appeals more to the consumer. PC’s on the other hard are mostly more cost effective in manufacturing. The PC industry is geared more towards pushing out the product yielding more productivity. This is not to say that this product is bad because of the way it’s assembled. In terms of cost, PC’s will always be the better route for saving money. Experts and consumers have always argued over what operating system is generally better. Computers are now more users friendly and have become easy for anyone to navigate around. The Mac operating system is based on the OSX operating system and PC around Windows. For the longest time people have always claimed that Mac is better for graphic design/video production a window was always geared toward financial analytics. In today’s modern society we have seen that both companies are largely being advertised. We have seen in the workplace that there has been a major shift between the way people operate and utilize computers. Software in particular has become multiplatform enabling use on both systems. Even though Microsoft (PC) still holds the market in terms of majority, we have seen that Apple (Mac) has been able to hold its own. With multiplatform integration any person could use either machine to create, calculate, and build anything they want in the digital space. We have seen this push in terms of the marketing of both machines/products.
Since we are entering a world that wants to be more mobile, it’s quite interesting how companies have been able to adapt to the change. The internet is the God to all technological innovations of the 21st century and without it we could…