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I have just experienced ten months of religion and comparing it to the beginning
of the school year or even the beginning of highschool, I know I have grown so
much. Moving into religion 12 from the previous year, I was nervous because I
knew i would be learning new things. I do not mean to suck up but you, Mr.
Palmarin, are a pretty cool person and you can show that religion can be cool and
fun. Not only that, but you also have effective and fun ways to learn the
curriculum. In a household just consisting of my mom and I, she did her best to
raise me catholic. We went to church every Sunday, prayed before bed, and also
before meals.

Thus, all my life up until grade 12 I thought my effort to keep a solid relationship with
God was ideal. Little did I know, prayer was not simply an egotistical conversation with
God seeing that every occasion that I prayed I would always ask God for things I want
in life. Looking at my relationship with God from his perspective, my connection with him
was flawed and I was not even aware of it. In my mind I thought, how would I feel if my
closest friends only had a conversation with me for the purpose of getting something
from me. If that was the case, without doubt I would be hurt and it would lead me to end
my relationship with my friends because it is not genuine. So, after learning the meaning
of prayer and all its elements in full detail,I was able to fix my flaws and retain a
passionate relationship with God. A relationship where I not only asked God for things I
wanted to accomplish in life but to take heed of his voice and thank him for all his
blessing that he has placed in my life. This year I learnt that conversing with God rather
than simply asking for things you want makes your your bond with God even stronger. I
have had the opportunity to perceive aspects of vocal prayer, methods of meditation
and contemplation.

Vocal prayer is when an individual uses speech to create a conversation with God,
examples of vocal prayer are grace and the our father prayer.
In order for us to pray
with the Spirit, our hearts need to be as fully engaged as possible at the time we pray.
Good vocal prayer requires an effort to speak the words with reverence and care.
Meditation is another type of prayer that focuses on self reflection and mental faculties
of prayer, it engages thought, imagination, emotion, and desire. This mobilization of
faculties is necessary in order to deepen our convictions of faith, prompt the conversion
of our heart, and strengthen our will to follow Christ. Contemplative prayer is a
heightened awareness of God, one has to awaken their full faith in god to attain this
stage of prayer. One begins to feel the yearning of God which leads them to look for the

goodness in others. I am truly honoured to be apart of this wonderful experience in
religion 12 as it lead me to take strides in reforming my relationship with God.


In today's general public when we talk about affection, individuals tend consider love in
an extremely shallow way. Being that affection is a standout amongst the most bland
words used to allude to something or somebody a man likes. However the significance
of adoration has awesome profundity in light of the fact that there are numerous
perspectives that individuals don't know of. Affection is underestimated just by the way
we utilize the word in our day by day lives. I accept affection is a word that every
individual ought to value in light of the fact that it is the most critical word. The
explanation behind that is God is adoration and there is no man nor question more
commendable or mightier than him. Any solid warmth, closeness, or dedication to things
or persons. The Greeks recognized this as the four sorts of affection: storge, philia,
eros, and agape. Storge, familial affection, is a word for the bond that exists between
one who loves and persons, creatures, and…