Franklin D. Roosevelt Essay

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1. Rafael Medoff
2. The authors thesis is that Roosevelt was privately prejudice. FDR was written by the author to seem that he had distaste for Jewish people and Japanese people. One of the most telling things the author said was at the end of the article. He said,” because of President Roosevelt’s private prejudices, innocent people who could have been saved were instead abandoned”.
3. The author shows examples in the article to support his thesis that Roosevelt had some prejudice in him. FDR would say that Jewish people were to blame when the anti-Semitism started in Poland. He said there were too many Jewish employees. Another statement he said was that Jewish people were overcrowding. He even shows examples of Roosevelt being prejudice towards Japanese people. His perception of Asians was that their characteristics were untrustworthy. The author said that Roosevelt’s vision of America did not have Jewish or Japanese people in them.
4. I think the author is objective towards Roosevelt. The author shows only one side of FDR. If I was a person who has never heard of him and this was the first thing I read about him, then I would not like Roosevelt because of how he was perceived in this article. FDR has also done some good things too.
5. I learned from the article that FDR was prejudice. I didn’t know that about him. I was shocked reading this of what statements he was making about the Jewish people and the Japanese people. This changed a lot for me on how I see