French And Indian Essay

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David Stokes
U.S. History 121

The “Seven Year War”, also known as the French and Indian War, was a war where the main agenda was to take control of the continent of North America. This war lasted from 1754 to 1765. Land acquisition was the biggest focus of the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War differed from other wars in history because it was conducted on American soil. A few things that altered the relationship between British and the American colonies and those items included politics, economics, and ideology during the war.
The French and Indian War, started in May 1756 when England and France declared war on each other, which led to the “Seven Year War”. The French and Indian War would lead to political conflict between British and American colonists because of the taxes that Britain was trying to put on the colonist. American colonists were upset with the British for these taxes causing tension which led to the American colonists rebelling on the British. During this war King George II passed away. George II”s grandson took over as King George III. King George III “quickly dismissed the inner circle of politicians who dominated his grandfather’s reign and replaced them with a complaint group called the “kings friends”.” (Tindall and Shi 115). King George III soon signed a treaty that allowed Great Britain authority over a lot of land. The Treaty of Paris (1763) was the treaty that brought the end of the war. Great Britain became victorious and gained all of France’s land in Canada and in what is now known as the south in present day United States. During the French and Indian War debt was a big issue. After the Treaty of Paris was signed, King George III tried to reduce the national debt of Great Britain caused by the war. To decrease the national debt, King George III decided to raise the taxes per year for the British.

Another aspect that changed the relationship between the British and American colonists was economics. Britain was put into more debt from the French and Indian war. “In 1763 the average Briton paid 26 shillings a year in taxes; the average American paid about one shilling a year.” (Tindall and Shi 118). The government tried to force American colonist to put in their share for the war. American colonists rebelled as a result