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Many Factors came into play with the Indian involvement in the Seven Years’ War. The French abused their friendship and manipulated the Indians to assist them in the war.1 The English treated the Indians as Savages stating they have no right to the land.2 The Pennsylvania Militia adopted tactics that were cruel and inhumane against the Indians.3 These issues led the Indians to join in the war alongside the French. While the Iroquois Indians, who were the allies of the English, played a neutral part and remained out of the war for the most part. By the late, 1740’s; the French laid claims to the Ohio area by discoveries made in the seventeenth century, but the English claimed it by the undefined borders of some of their colonies. The treatment and abuse by the English towards the Indians led to the beginning and prolonged Seven Years’ War, this also gave the French the leverage to recruit the Indians to help fight for their cause.
In the early 1740’s, many eastern Indians were forced to move inland towards the Ohio Country by the English, here the French established good relations and trade with the Indians along the great lakes. The Ohio Country was seen as a very fertile lands and easy access to trade routes and rivers. As the English began to close in on the French, the French knew that they were outnumbered by the English. The personal journal of Pierre-Joseph Celoron depicted how he was able to convince the Delaware Indian to fight alongside the French, against the English tyranny. Celoron was sent to Logstown, by the French governor-general who was also known as the Great Father. Here Celoron was to address the Chiningue Indians about the encroachment of the English. During Celoron speech, he established a relationship by addressing the Indians as the Children of the Great Father. This was intended to make them feel like part of a family and worthy. Celoron informed the Indians of the English desire to take their land and drive them away as before. Celoron stated that the French would not take the land from them. The Indians did not want to employ violence against the English, and they favored the higher prices and better supplies for trade from the English. Celoron concluded with saying that he would protect them if they help and provide a peaceful and tranquil place for them to retire.4
The English had the belief they were far superior then the Indians and it was their right to inherit the land. The following is a recollection from Charles Stuart, who in 1755 was held Captive by The Delaware Indians. This gives us a vantage of how the English mistreated the Indians and lost support during the war. Shingas, one of the 5 Delaware chiefs addressed the prisoners about why the English were the cause of the War. Shingas stated that the five chiefs inquired on what General Braddock would do with their land if he drove the French away. Gen .Braddock said “English shall Inhabit and Inherit the Land.”5 Gen. Braddock went on to call then savages and that they no rights, which belittle them. When Shingas brought to the attention of Gen. Braddock that they were friends of the English, they were concerned about their prosperity and having nowhere to go but into the areas occupied by the French and their Indian enemies. Gen. Braddock continued to stand his ground and didn’t care about their concerns. Shingas, stating that they will not fight for the English if they have no right to live on the land, and Gen. Braddock did not care by saying he did not need their help. Shingas and the other chiefs decided to remained nuetral hoping the English would defeat the French. But, the French outwardly defeated Gen. Braddock and forced them to join the French in the war by threatening to cut off from all trade and supplies.6