Future Not Past Essay

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February 11, 2012
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Determining the Future not the Past

Science and religion are two of the most contradicting view in the world today. Whether people are from Europe or the Middle East everyone has an opinion on the subject. Scientists believe that our existence all comes from the Big Bang theory, while religious leaders believe that God created it all and humans are made out of his image. In the essay “In the Forests of Gombe” Jane Goodall addresses the conflicting issues and also how hard it was on her not only as a child but also as an adult. She also touches on the issue of being confused, not knowing which one to believe in. Science and religion have facts into their theories. They both have the resources to show what they’re saying is not only true but a fact. Two different windows, showing two different truths about the world we live in. Goodall realized that it was not possible for her to prove which one is right or wrong, but instead she discovered that they each had their own truth and also lie. There are many things in the world that seems to be confusing or conflicting, leaving people unable to believe in what they were taught as a child and makes them question their existence, but science and religion could be an example used to make human beings see that there are certain things that will be complicated but that does not mean they are right or wrong it is just another window into this world’s puzzle.

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There are many scientists who argue about the beginning of time, while many ministers believe that God created it all, leaving many stuck in the middle questioning their existence; but the past won’t change anything, the future is what’s imperative. Goodall talks about meeting a bellhop in Dallas and the profound conversation she had with him. He looked up to her and wanted to hear her view on the matter. “I ended by telling him that it honestly didn’t matter how we humans got to be the way we are, whether evolution or special creation was responsible. What mattered and mattered desperately was our future development” (Goodall 150.) Goodall wanted to share her true feelings with the bellhop instead of those he wanted to hear. She felt as though he was yearning for the truth and that’s what she gave him. Often times science and religion sugarcoats the truth instead of being real. There are some flaws to the start of our existence and some ugly truth, but what matters now is how these new facts can change our future endeavors. It does not matter the start of our existence what matters is our effect on this earth. Whether humans came from chimpanzees or from God the creator, it all comes down to what each purpose is. There are a lot of people questioning exactly how they came to be but how will that change one’s perspective. Will it put an end to terrorism and killing spree going on in schools? Will it make this world an easier place to live in? Will it stop global warming and famine going on around the world? Goodall wanted the bellhop to realize that the beginning of time does not really matter but instead is what is being done for the future that’s what matters. Children needs to go to school and parents needs jobs to feed their family, finding out the existence of all human kind will not bring about hope and joy to broken hearts. Neither will it put an end to terrorist attacks and world hunger, so why linger on to something that is unchangeable

Noel 3 that will not bring change to a dying world. Science and religion cannot change the meaning of this world or even our existence, but humans can change the outcome of this world’s future.
Science and religion have come to at a standstill with their research, leaving them questioning their whole theory and where to go from there; some are still trying to prove that humans came from chimpanzees, while others are migrating to the idea that maybe there is a God and he is the