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Past Present and Future

Past present future covers hopes and dreams from my mother that carried over to me.
It’s about my love for reading and learning leading me to my path and anchor in life. It’s about my children and husband being secure enough to support and push me to be better and to do better.
Allowing me to do the same for them. It’s about giving me a platform and resources to
Reach out and help others.

My parents were married and started a family young sixteen and twenty three respectively. In actuality it felt like they had three sets of kids. I was in the second set. The first set of three Lisa, Barry and Sonya were born down south in Augusta Arkansas. They started the second set my sister Patrice and I shortly after arriving in Chicago. Making me the youngest of five children. There was so much space between me and my siblings that much of the time I felt like an only child. The times were different we were born in different eras. Our upbringing was different. Eventually I just ended up by myself. My sisters and brother were having kids of their own when I was eight. I have a nephew who’s more like a brother

Later on when it was my time to graduate from high school my parents started the third set of kids. I have a sister that was born a month before I graduated, making her the youngest of six. I had my first child two years later.

My educational experience was a little weird. I don’t remember learning much in school. My mom did a lot of home schooling and because of that when I started kindergarten I knew everything so I thought. I knew everything through eighth grade, making school easy for me. I believe it was a testament to my mom being the best teacher ever.
As my mom learned I learned soaking it up likes a sponge. My mom only had a high school diploma but she never stopped reading, researching, and learning. Her hope was that her children would do better than her. I hope to fulfill that dream.

My hobbies past present and most likely future are and will be the same. The vehicle is just different. My love of books is what saved me as a child. It helped me build my self-esteem. It taught me about the world when I had no hopes of seeing it. Learning is a hobby. When you unintentionally research and listen just for the fun of it every day. Reading and learning go hand in hand. My reading type is very eclectic fiction, nonfiction, romance mystery sci-fi and many more. When you are that open learning comes in many forms.

My greatest achievement so far is first and foremost my marriage. It has withstood many of trials and tribulations. My husband Walter and I married very young in an age where people didn’t think it was possible to last this long. We were twenty and twenty-one and we’ve been married eighteen years with six children between us. We work very hard at it we try to communicate, date, vacations, surprises whatever is needed. My children are next I try to let them know “they are smart