Past Present Future Essay

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Past Present and Future Paper
Nicole Bowers
GEN480/Interdisciplinary Capstone Course
November 17, 2012
Dr. Laura Paul

Past, Present and Future Paper
I am the oldest Of 2 children I was born to Mrs Middleton and Mr Bowers. I was born in Indiana and was raised here in south Florida. At about the age of 11 is when I started to develop a love for animals my Mother was hoping that one day I would become a veterinarian seeing that I loved animals we at one point had 7 cats as well as hamsters so my mother use to tell me that seeing that I liked animals so much I should go into the field of working hands on with the animals.
I graduated from Cooper City High school is 2000 and once I graduated I enrolled at Broward Community College just for a semester I had to leave Broward community college cause although I graduated I was unable to get my High School diploma so I had to go night school and try and get my GED. I finally got my GED in 2004 and then debated as whether or not I wanted to go back to college after the experience I had I was a little skeptical about it. My plans after I got my GED was to enroll at Santa Fe community college because they had the best zoology program however I didn’t make it in due to the requirements that where needed in Math. I was never good in math so I figured that maybe college was not for me at the time.
In 2006 I started working for the University of Phoenix which was one of the first company’s I ever worked for that where known nationwide. In about 3 months of working for UOP they offered to pay for my tuition if I decided I wanted to go back to school it took me a couple weeks to decide whether or not I wanted to go back to school and after a long talk with my parents I decided that it would be the best thing for me to do and why not the school was paying for Tuition. My Parents where very supportive of my decision to go back to school even though I didn’t go for Veterinary or Zoology like I wanted to I decided that I would get a degree in business seeing that you can pretty much use that type of degree for almost any field so that Is why I decided to further my education with UOP I will say after being out of school for almost a little over 10 years I was very scared about going to school I started doing school at the campus that way I could get the feel for the learning in a class environment and then decided that after about my 8th class I decided to do online classes because it was easier to work online and still work full time. I was a little worried about doing school online because it was all new and not having someone in front of me teaching me, However once I started the online classes I fell in love with it not only was I able to meet people from all over the world It was a lot easier to read posts and be able to respond to them instead of sitting in class.
My courses and experiences contributed to my growth because I was able to learn things that I probably would of never learned in class cause I was never able to sit and focus for more than an hour so sitting in class for 4 hours after working 8 hours was really hard for me so I decided online was so much better for me. I think for me the two classes that had the two classes that had the greatest effect on me was my E-Commerce class it really taught me how the buying and selling of products over the internet worked I found that really interesting because I had no real knowledge of the ins and outs of the online sales world. The second Class that affected me was the MGT300 Class it taught me how to apply myself to be a leader as well as learning the Ins and outs of the ethics and legal challenges that a manager will need to know in order to make sure that a business is doing things correctly based on the legal and ethics standards that the company has put on paper.