Gangs In Today's Society

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Gangs are becoming a growing problem in today’s society. Many young people are influenced into joining gangs to solve their problems and to fit in. When youths join a gang, they quit doing their daily routine such as hanging out with friends, spending time with family and attending school. Today, gangs are ruining the lives young children and destroying their chances of having a bright future. Gang violence leads to the increase of injustice throughout the world.
Injustice is the lack of fairness or justice. Gangs prevent the justice from happening because they want to rule as much as they could. There are gangs out there such as MS-13 that wants to expand their influence on U.S territory. This also includes other gangs in their respective
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Gang migration is when gangs move along to another city, state or country to recruit new people in their gangs. This to increase population within the gang and more gang members means more landscape to control. This opposes a threat to the innocent people around them because anyone can easily be a target especially, if anyone had any problems with a gang. This makes it hard for people to live a normal life and live with justice.
People live with fear, knowing what gangs are capable of and families are usually torn apart because of a son or someone in the family joins a gang. The injustice that occurs is because of what the gangs do out in the streets. They target a lot people to get information that they want or to get revenge from an enemy. Gang fights are normal to see nowadays because all gangs want to be at the top of the chart. They show no mercy to anyone, they are ruthless to any person who is a threat to the gang.
People are scared to go out in the streets alone especially at night because that’s when gangs are more active. Gangs take over the houses of family to support their equipment or to even use it as a hideout and also kill them so that they won’t go out and reach out the police. Members go even as far as killing their own family relatives and these type occasions have happened many
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Between families there is mostly betrayal and backs turned are against the family. Having to know someone that is part of a gang can show injustice by living to the expectation to that person’s new way of living and also worrying that one day something terrible may happen to you due to him or her.
Members of a gang love to show that they are the real deal and they’ll show it by violence throughout the land they have conquered or have plans to conquer. Showing this is a main priority to all gangs all over the world and many people have terrible memories about this because of all the unnecessary violence gangs have to do to accomplish it. The violence is all year long, it doesn’t stop and it may never stop. And this is a problem because people will never stop fearing.
Gang Violence happens a lot especially in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia and other low income countries. These are the countries that are mostly feared due to the fact that the gangs in these places are very populated. The violence that occurs in there is also nonstop. Hundreds and hundreds of people are killed each month due the violent crimes that are being committed. People in these countries are afraid because they never know when it will be the last day for