Geeks Of Chic Case Study

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Task 1.1
Draw on the content from module 1 and 2 to conduct a critical analysis of the two job related attitudes: job satisfaction and organisational commitment as they manifest in this case.
Work related attitudes are thought of as an important measure of tendencies that an employee may have towards: another person, event, product or process (Marr 2002). The most commonly analysed attitudes at work are: Job satisfaction and organisational commitment. Job satisfaction being the degree to which individuals feel positively or negatively about their work (Wood et al 2013) and can be thought of as an emotional state resulting from a self evaluation of job experiences (Locke 1976) Organisational commitment is the sharing of beliefs and values of an organisation (Meyer & Allen 1991). Hulin (1991) noted considerable overlap between the two attitudes: job satisfaction and organisational commitment, the only difference being their targets, the target of job satisfaction being the satisfaction of one position and the target of organisation commitment being the organisations success (Hulin 1991)

In the “Geeks of Chic’ case study there are many work attitudes displayed which indicate different levels of job satisfaction and organisational commitment. Organisational change through the amalgamation, downsizing, remuneration, promotion and hiring processes has been the contributing factor to the varying attitudes and commitment. The local government team is made of 6 people the leader: Ursula Ryan, and team members: Ralph Ford, Millicent Brown, Lance Dangerfield, Nella Davies, and Drew Bush. Ralph and Millicent started working for the company on the same day and have been there since the very early stages, while the other team members are new to the business and are quite young which creates some demographic differences. Ralph exhibits a small amount of organisational commitment; this is shown by his absenteeism at critical times like end of month when reporting is required although this may be legitimate as his wife is ill. He is also considering leaving the business to work in competition with Geeks of Chic. However he enjoys his job and the interaction with the clients and indicates that he wants more responsibility and importance, through promotions which says that he to a small extent has job satisfaction but wants to be challenged more. He has job dissatisfaction caused through his perception of demographics like age, through pay rates and inequity in salaries, organisation workload, personality, and general life satisfaction in reaction to these job dissatisfactions he is absent, neglecting his job and has reduced the quality of his work, and voicing his negative opinions. Millicent Brown is in a similar position of job satisfaction and organisational commitment as Ralph, except Millicent has shown more organisational commitment than Ralph as she has finished her degree, which could enable her reach a higher role within the chosen field. The other 3 team members, who are degree qualified, younger and newer to the company, seem to display a positive attitude but shown dissatisfaction toward the reactions of low job satisfaction and organisational commitment displayed by Ralph and Millicent. This has caused Lance Nella and Drew to feel an inequity between themselves and Ralph and Millicent which has created resentment toward the group leader for not controlling the entire group, which is reducing job satisfaction and organisation commitment of the three as they are considering absenteeism also.

Job satisfaction and organisation commitment has affected the productivity of the local government team at Geeks of Chic. The root cause of the issues have resulted from the organisational change, and a contribution is the promotional policies which says that a manger must be degree qualified to be considered. This policy sets up a demographic difference in an organisation: degree educated and non degree educated and what might be