Generation Y and Young Student Essay

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You ask me what I can do to stop violence in my community and I’m starting by writing this essay. I’m not only writing this message for adults but for children also. I hope this essay affects future decisions for stopping violence in my community. Being a young student gives me the opportunity to talk to people and connect to kids my age to help prevent violence. Violence is the intentional use of physical force or power against another person or group. I see violence on television, school, and in my community. Violence has affected me and this generation in many ways. Violence has affected the way we live, play, and learn. Violence runs our lives. It is not safe for us to go out and play until after sunset falls because the streets are so dangerous during night time. Kids or teenagers are unable to hang out and socialize like past generations did. Teenagers in the generation before us could play all day long without their parents worrying about the dangers they would be facing; but my generation can’t enjoy that kind of freedom because of violence. We, teenagers have learned a new way to entertain ourselves at home and communicate through the new form of media. I can’t say I don’t like to be on the internet and text my friends but I would love to feel the kind of freedom my grandparents had when they were kids. They used to stay at the park until night time and play tag or hide and seek; I would love to enjoy the same thing. I love being outdoors and play sports, like most teenagers do, but I don’t usually go out because my parents are afraid of the danger. This is the same for many kids my age. Without violence my life would be completely different. I would love to see my community get rid of this violence so future generations can experience what I have not.
To reduce violence I would start small. I would implement a meeting with students at school twice a month about violence. I would bring in students that have been affected by any type of abuse or violence and share it with us. If students go to these meetings, it will be most likely that they will share it with their families and friends. This way the idea of stopping