Genetically Modified Food. Essay

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Genetically Modified Foods

Stacy Gonzalez
Biology B
J. Corbus
April 6 2015

Many of us fear the unknown, just as many believe Genetically modified food isn’t
“organic”. Instead of fearing what we don’t know we should all look into variety of information.
Many won’t believe that there are any benefits to GM food, many even question if its safe to eat, we want to learn about the harmful chemicals in our food contains and the negative side effects it may contain.
We are the ones who benefit from Gm, many farmers are able to produce more now than they have before. The more they produce the more we are able to feed the overgrowing population. Modifying our food We are able to add vitamins into plants like rice, in the long run it will be helping the ones who are unable to grow vegetable and won't be able to receive the nutrients they need. Not only will we be able to grow food for our community and feed our growing country; we would be able to help third world countries who aren’t able to grow their crops due to difficult situations, they would be able to grow more of the crops they need, faster and larger than non­MG food.
Many of us wonder if its even safe to eat genetically modified food. It is very safe for us to eat it,
“They’re the most thoroughly tested food on the market,” says Dan Goldstein
. There are scientist who continue to study the safety of GM.
The World Health Organization, the National
Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association all say these crops are at least as safe as, and often safer than, foods changed the old­fashioned way, such as when a new plant is bred from two different