Genetically Modified Food and Gmos Essay

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Genetically modified foods are often brought to topics of discussion throughout our present day society. These foods are resultants of genetic modified organisms (GMOs) which encounter a specific change introduced in their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. About sixty to seventy percent of the food in our market today is genetically modified, and one of the most popular items being-corn. There are so many products in today’s society which consists of corn; any labeled food item generally has some sort of corn labeled on it whether it is syrup or just basic corn. Corn is produced in many states throughout the United States along with many countries around the world that produce corn as one of their main crops. GMOs are also in their own way helpful for farmers and beneficial to the consumers because they help farmers get rid of pesticides and herbicide. There are many crop losses for farmers when it comes to insects, which causes their farming market to fall because the consumers to do not like to eat products with many chemicals on them. However, genetically modified food, such as b.t. corn helps eliminate the application of many chemical products on the crops. Along with the beneficial effects of GMOs, there are also harmful effects on the human body because scientists…