Global Warming Research Paper

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Global Warming: Its effects on the Economy

Vincent Colletti

Professor Shakely
English Composition II
July 1, 2008

THESIS: From the findings of experts on Global Warming and Climatology, it can be concluded that Global Warming has a direct effect on our current global economy and the instability of the future.
I. Background A. The study of Environmental Economics B. Economic issues and relations to past and future global warming estimates II. The effects on GDP A. Increase of natural disasters B. Impact on agriculture C. Rise in health care cost 1. Heat waves 2. Spread of disease D. Further subjugation those who have a lower standard of
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The fall in farm industry will ultimately pilot the increase of illness, death, and poverty, especially in third world countries. As briefly mentioned before, global warming will not only have an affect on our economy but also our health care system. Naturally the rise of global temperature can be dangerous for humans because of the extreme weather conditions that are bodies are not accustomed to. A study by the EPA shows that an increase in “…the concentration of ozone at ground level due to higher air temperatures…” may lead to severe complications “for people with asthma and other lung related diseases.” Logically higher air temperatures could seriously impact those who live in southern areas of the world. The EPA estimates that in Atlanta, for example, even a warming of about two degrees(F) would increase heat-related deaths from currently 78 people annually to anywhere from 96 to 247 people per year, which if translated into a global scene it would be a travesty. The Stern Review points out a shocking yet