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Genetically Modified Corn Genetically modifying something is when a specific change is introduced to its DNA. Genetic engineering can be used to move genes from one organism to another. Genetically modifying corn is made because they can be helpful to the humanity and environment but with the advantages there also come many disadvantage. “1) Corn was one of humankind’s earliest attempts to genetically modify a crop plant. In the past genetically modifying corn could only be done through selective breeding. If you wanted to breed corn that was resistant to a certain disease then you would plant corn and see how each plant was affected by the disease. You would keep seeds from the plants that did well and plant them the next year. As the years passed you would have a strain of corn that was highly resistant to that disease”.“2) According to, "Genetically Modified Corn" Corn began to be genetically modified 10,000 years ago with the cross-pollination of plants turning teosinte, a grass, into modern corn. There are many advantages of the genetically modified corn. “1)The genetically modified corn can develop more nutritious strains of staple foods. It can help develop survive famine. It can raise the corn yield per year. It can lower the costs of production. Farmers can more money because genetically modified corn is pest resistant and will not dry easily. And it can be planted in no tillage fields. With these advantages there are also many disadvantages. There are some unexpected risk factors and effects that can’t be anticipated. “1)The genetically modified corn can transmit genetic traits to nearby crops or wild relatives through cross-pollination. It’s DNA can last in the soil for over two years and if, in that…