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Goals Essay
Writing isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I don’t hate it. It all strongly depends on the topic I have to write about. I get motivated when I’m able to write about something that really strikes my interest. When it comes to a personal essay that has to pin point a moment in my life, I cannot do it. That is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to writing papers. I get stuck and have no idea how to lay it out and tell you the story how it should be told. The paper gets scattered and difficult to read. Another weakness in my writing is research papers, I can’t pick out the important facts and then cite them properly. I worry that I will be plagiarizing something. My main goal for this course is to be comfortable writing an essay as soon as it’s assigned. I know when I go off to college I will have to write papers similar to these. In writing I have strengths, goals, and weaknesses.
My strengths in writing are the ability to sit down and make a layout of what I want myself to write. I always feel secure with what I have to say, my thoughts click together. Also, I know I can use my voice, and always make sure that my feelings are loud and clear. I love writing about other people. Learning about them and how to improve my writing always makes me feel content in my work.
Weaknesses come around easy for me to point out, because I feel like they are very large roles in a successful paper. I can’t put down what I write in my plans, in other words I can’t stay on topic as to what I am supposed to be writing about. I find smaller points more important than the picture that is needed to be put into words. Big, well known, obvious facts just don’t strike my interest. They are not always what needs to be stated, research papers need them on the other hand. I also need to work on doing my research process, I don’t know how to look through a book of hundreds of pages and find which chapters or sections are the ones that my story needs to be written about. When I figure out and know what I want to write about I can’t put it down in my own words. When I say this, I mean that I’m never sure if its plagiarism or not. Citing is also another