High School Writing Reflection

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1. High School writing essays followed a plain rubric while entering the college level the rubric is transformed to another level of expectations through writing. High school was easy because you were expected to answer the question and support your answer compared to the transition to college where you are expected to answer the question, support and expand your answer into a professional matter. I also notice that as high students we are used to developing simple sentences but now we are expected to develop advanced thoughts to support my opinion and put together an essay.
2. My first semester at the branch I took Child and Human Development where I was approached with several writing assignments for both classes. One of my essays was a report based on observations of toddlers, while the other was a persuasive essay describing whether we would recommend others to take the human development course. Both essay’s required clarity of my opinions and observations and the difference was writing about two different topics. One
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So far this semester I have informative, and persuasive essays planned. My goal is to keep my professor and possibly fellow peers, interested in my opinion through my writing. Context always depends on the topic of the essay and the context of the essay depends on the type of essay as well. You wouldn’t want to persuade an audience into thinking that cancer is a good thing would you? If I was discussing a disease through an informative essay my purpose is to inform people of my opinion concerning the topic and my message being why that specific disease should be a concern to the audience. If I was discussing the death penalty through a persuasive essay, my purpose would be to convince the audience to concur with my opinion and my message would be whether the death penalty is a good or bad idea. This class will be a helpful tool because it works for writing any type of academic writing piece which is what an informative and persuasive essay