Going To College Research Paper

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Why should Americans go to college? It is said that college is “The ticket to middle class adulthood.” There are many advantages to going to college. People who say that obtaining a college degree is worth it argue that college graduates have a better jobs, get paid more, lead better lives and have healthier children . But with the advantages, comes the disadvantages. The people who say that college is not worth it argue that the debt from attending college is unreasonable, and going to college puts a student's life on hold. They also argue that many people who did not attend college are still successful, and that many high paying jobs do not require a degree. Years ago, going to college was a no brainer. A college degree was essential to make a living. In today’s world, people agree that college is the right path, but just as many people argue that it is not. …show more content…
According to statistics reported by US News, the average unemployment rate for someone with a BA degree or higher is only 4.4%, while the unemployment rate for somebody without a degree is 9.6%. The number of jobs requiring a college degree has risen to ¾ of all jobs since the 1970’s, and these jobs pay better than the jobs that do not require a degree. Looking at these statistics, it is clear that receiving a college degree is very important to get a job. Along with better job opportunities, people with a college degree tend to get paid more too. On average, a person with a bachelor’s degree earns about $30,000 more per year than someone with just a high school degree. Over a lifetime, a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn over $500,000 more than a person with just a high school degree. Also, people who have a degree will receive higher raises over the course of their job. Job opportunities and better pay are two great advantages of having a degree, but most important of all is how having a degree affects people’s