Going To College Research Paper

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Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to college? Why yes ,there is too much pressure on students to go to college. Staying up and studying hard to make sure your assignments are all completed, , Having the competitive atmosphere to be the be the best or to come out on top of their class can stress teens out or drive them to do crazy things to achieve that point in life . , or trying to keep up with social media and have a social life all of what make a teen function in life nowadays .
For example throughout a teenagrs highschool experince teens are constantly struggle with things like turning in work on time , staying consistent with work and on top of everything that is needed . Having the anxiety accelerates when they have a workload of daily assignments. Some students even go to the extent of cheating, sleep deprivation, worrying and in most cases eating disorders. According to study (analyze.com )showed that the results are negative when teens spend about four to five hours to concentrate and study for test and homework hus for the
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Study also shows that the intense pressure may backfire and the result can in end in social , physical and emotional stress (analyze.com). All that constant pressure being pushed on a teen to go to college can also cause the child anxiety which we know but anxiety can cause the child to refuse to go school and eventually drop out of school.Pushing a teenager to succeed at college increases the anxiety they got