Good Parent Essay

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1. A good parent is one who isn’t worried about being a good parent, a good parent doesn’t treat it like a recipe.
2. Common problems include not sleeping, eating habits, temper tantrums, “over-parenting” being too worried about being so good
3. Playing with your child is important because kids need the positive reinforcement and the encouraging commentating; it helps with communication and social skills.
4. I feel that I wouldn’t be a good parent because I don’t have a lot of patients and I don’t really like kids.

1. They said they were ready because he saw his friends and he and his wife felt like they were ready to have kids
2. They had to learn how to hold a baby, feed it, change the diapers, become nurturing, how to adjust to the new sleeping patterns.
3. Yes because the social realm has changed and it’s now very important for fathers to be included in a child’s life, there are more programs about parenting, being a good day, so men are more emotionally involved.
4. New parents face the new sleeping habits, balancing work and kids, continuing communication between partners.
1. Adora says that being “childish” help produced a lot in society, such as Anne Frank who touched millions with her story during the holocaust or C. Simpson and help feeding millions of kids on a bike. So being childish isn’t as negative as people perceive it to be.
2. Adults should listen to kids because kids themselves have a lot to offer, the aspect of teaching shouldn’t be