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Their eyes were watching God review:

The book is an idea cultivated just to record and preserve events in time. People have always been able to come to conclusions on why certain things are the way they are. But passing down those finding in its full entirety was hard to do. As knowledge increased and more discoveries were made the recording of that evidence, became a critical necessity. Thus the book was created and soon became the standard recording device used to record new information.
We have numerous varieties of books so we are never limited when it comes to learning. Folk tales or moral stories are a very popular form of children’s writing. If you didn’t know those crazy myths actually have a lesson in them but sadly, most people who think of folk tales can only remember Paul bunion’s giant blue ox. Yet with folk tales come life lessons. Lessons or teachings on life can also be found in the bible it goes without debate that the one thing everyone in the world wishes to understand is life.
Now it begins after reading through “their eyes were watching God”. Immediately I saw a story of someone who went through challenges in their quest to find love and fulfillment. The protagonist Janie goes through three relationships in her quest. One which was what she was looking for the whole time, but before arriving to that point in her life she met two very manipulative men. The first was a farmer known as Logan Killicks.
He came as most deceiving men do he spoiled her made her feel like a queen then he forced her to be who he wanted her to be. This also occurred with her next husband who was a high a list person in society. Joe Jody Starks a wealthy politician only concerned with his image. Wished to shape Janie into his vision of what the perfect wife was. Being that he was a very controlling man he beats Janie. Soon after he becomes sick and Janie inherits his riches.
She then tends