Career Goals For Band Director

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My career goal is to acquire a position as a band director at the high school or college level, in which I will provide my students with the most outstanding music education and experience possible. I have a passion for music, and helping other experience it not only in a physical or mental way, but also at an emotional level. I want to provide my students with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making music throughout their entire life. I want to help create and grow their passion for music. I want my students to become better people thought music education. I want them to learn life skills, through music, that will help propel them though life. Music is much bigger than notes, rhythms, and sounds. I believe it’s an experience …show more content…
I want to develop a band that is considered the standard that should be met in the music profession. I want to be an ambassador for music and teaching in my area. I want my students to become very proficient not only in their technical abilities but also with their aural skills and sense of musicality. I want to develop an all-encompassing music program in which we develop the finest players that have a great understanding of not only playing music, but its history, theory, and role in our culture.

In order to achieve these goals I believe that I must as an educator and musician. I must become extremely knowledgably in the areas of conducting, history, theory, and playing. At UNLV I can and will receive the best possible education each of the areas.
Dr. Leslie has a history of developing the finest bands in the country. Not only has he done this at the high school level, but at the college level as well. This is exactly what I hope to accomplish in my life, and I believe studying with someone that has had such great success is invaluable. UNLV has two amazing professors’ in music history and theory. Both have shown a dedication to the field, and a great passion for what they do. This is the type of teacher I hope to become, and I believe my understanding of both fields will flourish under their