Green and Ad Essay

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Advertisments are used to sell products to consumers in an attempt to arrest attention and affect communication, by giving audiences images that will give them feelings of motivation and desire. By distributing images pictures of peoples deep lying desires there is a better chance of making them consider purchasing the product, which is the main goal of the advertiser. An example of how advertisers try communicating with the audience is by using a specially selected image such as a supine female or a highly well known celebrity, they do this because it is meant to stimulate rational impulses and desires. Most of the time these impulses and desires are unacknowledged by the processor, in addition advertisments often us art work to grab the audinces attention since visual communication suits more primal levels of the brain it is easier to get across to people. One advertisement that caught my attention was of a very popular cologne called Gucci Guilty Black. The advertisement shows a Caucasian male with light blue eyes wearing a gold chain with no shirt from his mid chest and up looking very masculine. On the left side of his face is an extremely attractive blonde haired women with red finger nails and red lip stick. It looks as if the women is seducing the man by having her lips close to his ear while she grabs his chest with one hand and rolls her finger down his neck with the other. In the background of the ad there is a dark green light that bounces off the males right side of his face, while the cologne sits at the bottom right of the ad hardly being noticeable. This ad contains many appeals the first one that comes to mind is sex. First of all there is partial nudity in the photo, also the color green which is used in the back ground stands for envy along with red being another color that gets people excited. This ad also appeals the need of affiliation. The need of affiliation consists of desires to draw near or enjoyably cooperate with one another. One might desire romance and courtship by staring at the advertisement of the Gucci cologne it shows a young male and female engrossed in each other. This ad reaches out to both men and women because both sides can be attracted to what’s going on. The ad says “The new fragrance for him” this message is being reached out to…