Health and Why It Matters Essay

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Health and Why It Matters

When there is a McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell on every corner living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but very beneficial to your well-being. In order for people to reach their utmost potential within their developmental process they must live a healthy lifestyle. When one does not lead a healthy lifestyle, they tend to face more medical problems in the future compared to someone who did. Along with a healthy lifestyle, one’s lifestyle choices also play a big part in in their developmental process. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking from a young age can be very detrimental to one’s future. It can cause several sleep issues, cancers and depression. There are also several socioeconomic and education factors that can affect one’s health. In this paper we will touch on those and everything mentioned above by looking at the affects that all of these factors had on Female Subject A’s health.

Health and Why It Matters
A healthy lifestyle and lifestyle choices are not only beneficial, but completely necessary in a human’s developmental process. Our bodies and brains need specific nutrients to grow to their utmost potential. When one deprives their bodies of these nutrients several problems can occur. Not only can it stunt the process, but it can serve to create more problems in the future like deficiencies, medical problems, mental problems, and more. Female Subject A was interviewed about her past, current, and desired health. The information provided helped to formulate an analysis on how her diet and lifestyle choices have affected her developmental process.
Past Health The average female begins growing breasts at around age ten and about two and half years after that menarche occurs (Kouyoumdjian, 2011, p.408). Female Subject A did not begin growing breasts until age fourteen and did not experience menarche until age 14. Her diet at the time consisted of mashed potatoes, cornbread, and rarely any meat. Compared to most young girls, Female Subject A is not quite average. Also, Female Subject A weighed about ninety pounds up until her first pregnancy at age 20. Meat is one of the best sources of protein to keep the body in full order. Without these proteins, one will notice a big difference in development like that of Female Subject A. Female Subject A was not average in the puberty cycle and also in the weight aspect because of this lack of protein and vegetables. Female Subject A said that her self-esteem at this time fluctuated up and down. Healthy lifestyles are important in this part development especially because if one is doing good things for their body, they will also feel good. Sustainable foods such as vegetables and proteins help to sustain energy throughout the day. Sugary foods cause euphoria and then a crash which can directly affect self-esteem. Not only is the body crashing, but so is the brain causing a fluctuation in mood and self-esteem. Lifestyle choices are equally important in development. Female Subject A began smoking at age fifteen. Smoking is a lifestyle choice that has detrimental effects on health especially starting at such a young age. It can affect one’s breathing, mental capacity, and sleeping habits. The health and lifestyle choices made while younger directly set the tone for the future of one’s development.
Current Health As of now, Female Subject A is an average weight (undisclosed) for her height. She also has an in the middle, stable self-esteem. However, she faces an array of medical problems such as: high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. She has a pretty steady diet filled with all the major food groups, grain, poultry, vegetables, and so on and so forth. Although she is getting the nutrients she needs, the fact that she drinks Diet Coke has a big effect on her current health. Diet Sodas are not only full of sugar, but also…