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Understanding and meeting the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia
Activity Book Level 2

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Activity One
Complete the following table to show how the cognitive, functional and emotional changes associated with dementia can affect eating drinking and nutrition (DEM 302 1.1)
Type of change
How these affect eating, drinking and nutrition for a person with dementia
Cognitive changes
(eg; changes in level of understanding)

Functional changes
(eg; changes in ability to carry out tasks for self)

Emotional changes
(eg; depression or anxiety)

People with dementia are at risk or poor nutritional intake due to such factors highlighted in the box above.
Explain how poor nutrition can contribute to how a person experiences their dementia. (DEM 302 1.2)

Give at least 4 examples of health and emotional conditions that might affect the nutritional needs of a person with dementia.
Explain how each condition you have listed may affect the nutritional needs of the person. (DEM 302 1.3)

Why is it important to recognise and meet a person with dementia’s personal and cultural preferences for food and drink? (DEM 302 4.4)

Why is it important to include a variety of food and drink in the diet of someone who has dementia? (DEM 302 1.5)

Activity Two
Mealtime cultures can vary between people and in different care settings. Some people, for example are quite formal at mealtimes and others like to sit and eat in front of the TV.
Think about the mealtime culture, either in a care home or in people’s own homes. How could this make it difficult for people with dementia to eat and enjoy