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Illegal Immigrants and their Influence on Health Care
Illegal immigrants have been a hot topic issue that has it finger on the pulse of this countries health care system. The cost of caring for an illegal immigrant is on the rise and has many questioning if illegal immigrant should receive medical care at no cost. Many government officials say yes, illegal immigrants are human beings and should receive medical care regardless of his or her inability to pay. According to the Center for Disease Control, 10 out of every 30 illegal immigrants entering this country require treatment for diseases that have the potential to cause an outbreak. The biggest concern is the number of illegals that come to the United States with tuberculosis. This is an issue of concern as these treatments must be administered without charge to the patient. The question that should be the center of focus is rather receiving free medical care is a human right or not. The United States health care systems are in need of reform. The number of illegal immigrants entering the United States is increasing as the annual cost to care for illegal immigrant is on the rise. The more people coming into this country illegally, the more it will cost the government and taxpayers. The effects illegal immigrants have on the health care industry is costing every taxpaying American more each year.
The Issue of Illegal Immigrants and Health Care Health care cost in the United States is on the rise and illegal immigrants attribute to about 300,000 dollars of the cost per year (n.d., 2005). By 2008 the effects illegal immigrants posed on health care has doubled. In 2005 the cost to care for the 25% of illegal immigrant without health insurance was 300,000 annually; in 2008 the annual cost to the United States government is 30.5 billion dollars. Illegal immigrant entering the United States and gives birth to a baby will receive permanent residency. A child born to an illegal immigrant in