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Nina Porobic

Health Care

United States health care system has about 44 million people uninsured. Our

government pays health care for elderly and very poor. What about people that loose

their jobs and those who can not afford it? There are about 18,000 people that die each

year in United States simply for not having health coverage. Should we think about

Universal health care? I would, and I’ll explain why.

Roughly around 44 million Americans had no health insurance in 2006, according

to a survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among working age

Americans there were 19.8 percent who did not have health care. About 43 million

people over 65 are covered by Medicare. Texas had the largest percentage of people

without health care coverage of 23.8 percent of the population not covered. Most

Americans receive health insurance coverage through their employer, but millions lack

coverage because their employer does not offer it. Medicaid covers 40 million low

income people, but millions more do not meet its restrictive income and eligibility is left

uninsured. Looking at those facts should we switch our health care system to Universal?

Universal health care is a state in which all residents of geographic or political region

would have free access to most types of health care. The way most countries implement

Universal health insurance is through legislation and taxation. Legislation directs what

care must be provided, to whom, and on what basis.

More than 18,000 people in U.S. die every year because they cannot afford

private health insurance. Those people without health insurance are more likely to have

poorer health and die prematurely than those with insurance. Do we impersonate other

countries where health cares ranks higher than in United States? Doing a research on the

on the other countries Cuba for example. Premature babies born in impoverished Cuba

have a better chance of survival than those babies born here. In the other counties

people’s life span is higher than in United States, our people can except to die younger.

Universal health care is a moral issue and that is where our country has gone slippery.

So, should we switch to Universal health care? Well,…