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Guidance on completing the log sheets.

The following information offers you some guidance for this log sheet. You should aim to write at least one example for each outcome. It is best to write at least one to two a week, as it is hard to catch up if you fall behind.

For each one you should try to relate theory to practice, although this is easier for some then for others. You can do this by giving reasons for your actions: if you change a dressing using an ascetic technique, then explain the infection control principles that lie behind your practice. You can also refer to the NMC Code of Conduct to explain your actions. Journals, textbooks, legislation, and you own workplace policies will also be used as evidence.

You should, use the following methods to provide evidence:

Referencing; use the Harvard system.
Appendices: at the end of the log sheet, you can place charts, articles, as appropriate.

2.8 Demonstrate a range of essential nursing skills, under the supervision of a registered nurse, to meet individuals’ needs, which include:

Fundamental nursing care.
Physiological measurements
First aid/emergency procedures.
Infection control.
Administration of medicines.
Health and safety/Moving and handling:

For each one of these you need to produce a log sheet based on the following:

A brief description of the incident.
What you did.
Why you did it.
Evidence for your behaviour: refer to legislation, policies, NMC Code