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At the beginning of this semester, my definition of success was if a task was completed then it was a success. The team building unit in our gym class changed my mind about the definition of success. I now believe that the definition of success is if a task was completed to its full potential; if the task was completed efficiently and everyone worked to their full potential to get it completed, then the task was a success. Working as a group and making sure that everyone is comfortable with the activity and the plan for the activity is essential to completing the task successfully. This means that everyone has to build their trust with the other members of the group. Trust involves communication and a lot of teamwork. Without this, it would be very difficult to complete a task or activity efficiently and successfully. From all the success and failures that our gym class experienced, I learned that communication and planning is probably the most important thing. Without these two components, the activities are not able to be completed. In many of the activities were assigned, there was always one person who took over as the leader at the very beginning and everyone just went with their idea. We did not normally talk with everyone in the class to get a variety of ideas and we did not plan out the “leaders” idea to make it work efficiently. However, after a couple of unsuccessful completions of some of the activities, our class took more time to listen to each other and