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Help the Elderly
Do you ever think about how much trouble it is for elderly people to get around? You probably don’t unless you live with a Grandmother or Grandfather. Most of us do not know how hard it is for the elderly because our lives are so different. Every morning you just wake and start your day by walking around. To get out of bed, get breakfast and go to school is so easy for you that you don’t even realize it. Because it comes so easy for most of us, we don’t realize what a great privilege it is for us to be young and strong. It is like a fish that doesn’t really appreciate water until it is out of the water.
Some older people just have trouble getting out of bed, much less walking around and doing things. One of the other things that many old people have in common is that they do not have a lot of money coming in because they are usually living on what they saved. Because of this a lot of them cannot afford a car so they have to ride the bus if they want to go somewhere like the mall. This sometimes means they have to walk pretty far to a bus stop as well.
I am not trying to draw your attention to the fact that elderly have it hard in life. I am trying to point out the fact that with all of these other struggles it is even harder on them that they have to pay to ride the bus. I don’t think this is the way it should be. With all of the other struggles the elderly have doing so much I think it would be a great idea if they could at least ride the bus for free, don’t you?
There are many programs for the elderly that