Essay on High School and Older Sisters

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A lot of young kids say they want to become a super star, singer, or famous actor when they grow up. But not all of them stick to this “one in a million” dream ten years later. I always wanted to entertain for a living. It wasn’t about the fame or money, but just the joy of making others laugh and smile. I never thought I would ever come this far in doing what I love most. Singing and making music is my passion. As you probably know, there is almost always a story behind every dream and strong willed individual. But this isn’t just about getting through my struggles. My story is about making something remarkable for this world with my knowledge from the experiences I’ve went through.

I was about 4 years old when my family began moving from state to state every few years. I am now 17 and I have moved across America about 11 times. You can only imagine how many loved ones I have had to say goodbye to growing up. When I was 14, my parents were separated and eventually divorced. My two older sisters couldn’t get along with each other, but one thing that brought them together was that they were both creative and had witty sense of humor. I spent a lot of time home alone since my mom was always working 12 hours a day as a nurse to make sure me and my sisters were well off. My dad wasn’t home much as well. Having so much alone time, I became really good at keeping myself entertained.

Growing up, I was always trying to be like my older sisters. You could say they were quite an influence on me. I got my love of art from always seeing my older sister, Angela, sketch portraits and drawing characters. I developed a care for dancing from watching my oldest sister, Maricris, performing with her dance team on stage. I was always good with computers and I eventually figured out on my own how to edit videos and photos. I loved creating films and special effects. My sister and I made short movies using my dad’s old video camcorder and ever since I’ve used my editing/acting skills for school projects and for my Youtube videos. It wasn’t until I was about 15 when I became serious about singing and pursuing music.
My mother told me how I always used to dance and sing nursery rhymes in my crib since I was 3. I excelled and won awards in all my choir classes that I took for about four years. I was always working on my music and so eager to learn more about instruments and creating something new. Things were tough at home and in middle school I developed depression up until my sophomore year of highschool. The only thing I came home to and that would make me smile at the end of the day was turning up my favorite songs and singing as loud as I could. I began writing my own songs on my guitar and performing on stage every chance I got. I felt a sense of security. It was the one thing I knew so well that I could never lose that I knew I was good at. After finally realizing I need to turn my life around, I knew I could be better than this. I shouldn’t hate my life and let the things that hurt me take over my happiness and success. I wanted to become the best I could be. Now, I have come a long way to finding my place and knowing what I’m capable of in succeeding in the future.

When I first researched Cogswell College, I had no time to waste. I realized that if I can leave highschool with a diploma equivalent and go straight to college for my senior year, I decided I would go for it. I have worked so hard my whole life working on my music and putting so much time and energy into developing as an artist. If I can get a scholarship from having a remarkably filled out portfolio, why would I even think twice on missing a chance like this? I know by getting admitted to this school, I will bring the best of my ability to put my 100% effort and drive into my work. I am very good with constructive criticism and I am also known for being wise beyond my years. With my fast learning ability and determination I plan to graduate, get my degree, and get…