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Although hip-hop is currently being offered at Los Sabrosos, there is considerable room for expansion if deemed profitable. It is important that additions of other dance styles outside the studio’s specialty, Salsa, be added only after careful consideration of image and profit implecations.
Market Demographic

Age Group
Kids (<13)
Teens (13-18)
Young Professionals

Adults (>35)

Seniors (>55)



Kids (<13)
Hip-Hop is now a popular style of dance for younger children that are interested in popular music. This dance has moved from its underground roots to something more mainstream and acceptable.
Residing in an urban locale
Elementary or middle school students
Interested in pop culture
In need of activity after the school day
Parents or caretaker with flexible scheduling
Interested in taking classes as a friend group

Teens (13-18)
Teenagers should be your largest target market when considering the hip-hop demographic. These adolescents are immersed in a culture that worships hip-hop as the only useful dance.
Primarily female
At or below driving age
Seeking independence from parents
Still in need of afterschool entertainment
Looking for a creative way to exercise
Live or attend school in the Pittsburgh metro area
Though most college students will not be your target market, some groups will be profitable.
Members of rap and hip-hop student organizations.
Fraternities and Sororities participating in step shows
Disposable income from either parents or employment
Interest in exercising outside of gyms
Marketing Message Goals
Hip-hop caters to a younger generation and your marketing message needs to match such a demographic. You need to establish your studio as a force in the market that is not simply tacking on other disciplines to supplement salsa. This can be done by differentiating your studio from others offering hip-hop.