History: Qing Dynasty and Industrial Revolution Essays

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FeiFei, Zeng
History 103
October 25, 2014
World Civilization II
In the early 19th centuries to late 20th centuries, there were many revolutions begin and end. In my opinion, the most two revolution that effect the world the most were the XinHai Revolution which was happened in 1912 during Qing Dynasty in China. Also, the Industries Revolution that happen in the America during the 19th that effect the whole world. During the Qing dynasty, which also called the Empire of the Great Qing, Great Qing or Manchu dynasty was the last dynasty of China. Qing dynasty had ruled China from 1644 to 1912. During this period of time, the Qing dynasty had more than one revolution that happened, but the one that affect the world the most were the XinHai Revolution. Why there was XinHai Revolution? Back to 1839 to 1842, in China, there were the First Opium War, which also known as the English and the Chinese war, which last total of three years and five months. In the early 18th centuries, the demand of China was getting better and better. They produce different kind of goods that other countries do not have like particularly silk, tea. The European had created an economic trade with China, but this trade did not last for long. In the year of 1757, the king of Qing dynasty had announced that they will not allow English trading boat came into China territories. But there still something that could be sell and came into China territories. One of them is the Opium. In 1839 late October, there was a ship that was owned by Quakers that had refuse to a deal in opium with the British. On the ship there were a sigh that had said “No Opium Trade”. Therefore the captain of the British announced the governor of Canton and the British hope that they can unload their goods and opium at Chuenpee. As the second time that the British had tried to get close to China territories and next to the Pearl River, and Royal Saxon had block the entire route to get to the Pearl River. As how the war started, the British had fired a warning shot at Royal Saxon for asking him unblocked the route to get to Pearl River.
As the Opium war goes on, there were more less opium that were successfully unload into China, therefore the prize of Opium went up. As opium was a drug that were harmful to your body and they will make people totally relax. As more and more people used opium in China, even the solider that were fighting the war, therefore the solider did not have enough energy when they were on the war field, and got shot and killed. Therefore it had caused China lost the war, and forced to sign an unfair document with British, which the basic agreement on the document were unfairly goods trading and giving land to the British.
As years and years went by with this unfairly agreement with British and more people were using opium, and the government were getting weaker and weaker as more and more people trying to take China’s land, therefore the XinHai Revolution had begun. The most famous handler in XinHai Revolution was Sun Yat-sen. He was a Chinese revolutionary, and he is the first president of the Republic of China as they successfully overthrow the Qing dynasty. After they had formed the Republic of China and became a communism country, China had slowly become one of the strong countries in now day’s society.
But we as the strongest country out of the whole world, the United States belong to the capitalism and a little liberalism country; we also had some revolution that affects the whole world. One of the famous one was the industrial revolution. During the time of industrial revolution in America, we had made a transition from hand make goods to new manufacturing process using machines to produce goods during this period of time.
Back to the 1781, James Watt, born in January 19, 1736, he was a world famous mechanical engineer. One of the most famous things that he had invented was the steam engine. The steam engine is a heat engine that will…