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Italy, united
Italian and German Nationlist: Create their own country
Not been country-separate states
Revolution-Liberalism-failed to unite country
Adopt harder attitude: goal is being nation acquired a name “Realpolitik” (politics of realism)
“The end justifies the means” phrase
Count Cavour-practionner of Realpolitik. Want Repulic for Itality. He and his followers fought to achieve Intalian republic. Convinced by Gaibaldi that the country should be united under the monarchy
Gailbaldi: wants every Italian state
Saidmar Piemont (king) and Victor EmanelAustrian not want united ItalyWar of Italian Unification. Most of time Austrians were involved
The battle of Solferino bt Italian and Australians. Henri Dunant witnessed the battle and horrified the way the wound and the prisoners of war were treated. Pushed futher 1st Geneva Coventionthe creation of Internal Red Cross
1860- Italy is united.
Occurred in 10 years- French was there. Italian and nationalist moved to Rome
Pope named Pius IX. Declared themselves will not leave the Vatican
Vatican II-conference gathered church leaders, pop
Italy is more urban, industrial, richer. South of Rome: agriculture, farming and poor and divided
German: 30 different states and 3 different kingdoms.
Going to unified, largest state was Prussia
Important Figure: Otto Van Bismarck
Dominated Europe for 30 years
Was a Prussian aucristocrat united as junkersSummed up his attitude with the speech of his own called “Blood and Iron” speech. “Great question of the day will not be decided by speeches and resolution but by blood and iron.”
1860, he became Chancellor= prime minister, united the Germany
3 separate wars:
Against Demark in the war (1864). Defeated quickly
Against Austria (1866). Dominated the central Europe. Provoked a second rule: give Austria a good ration
France (1870). Took longer. Against Napoleon III who was nephew of the famous Napoleon. Become a dictator and named “Emperor”. Carl Marx: history repeated itself, first is tragedy, second as faults. Managed to provoke and blame as Napoleon’s faults . Battle in Sedan: Prussia defeated the French and captured Napoleon III. Once captured, marched on Paris and forced France to surrender. Humiliating French: Required to pay huge preparation-Money compensation-costs of this war; German occupation in France. Gernmay armies in France: used his victory to convince the German state to Reich and have Prussian king to declar German emperor, or used German Title “Kaiser” in the palace of Versailles in the mirros. Sending message to the world: German, not France, a new central of Europe. Use the symbol of the power of the king to illustrate the central of power is moved from the paris to the German. Bismarck attacked 2 french provinces called Alsace and Larrence, added 2 of them to German emeror This is a crime and crime that has to be banished. Laying the foundation the grounding of the first war world: cause factor by Bismarck. Keiser and Emperor but also Reichotag. All german males have the right to vote above 25
German government was controlled by “ Old Elites”, Junkers, Armies. Prime minister or Chanellear/Parliament system: the only person who could dimiss the Chaneller is Kaiser or the emperor. Germany becomes the industrial power house, on the verge of taking Great Britain. German workers above 25 can vote and increase the numbers the German males worker voters. Voting for STD
Bismarck created the war 1st Welfare State: Socialist would tell and give you all the benefits and I can do sooner and better. The program is called “ White Revolution”. Instituted program like healthcare and the program he came up with the biggest impact not in the Itatly called social security (OH pension). Came up with the idea having the retirement age is 65 (USS). Age mortality at the time is 65, being freed. This idea of 65 cut off, migrated to other countries and United Stats and Britain. Infant mortality determine and drive