Essay about Home: Love and family

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The word home has many different meanings depending on an individuals point of view. As time progresses, we see that the definition of home and what people see as a home has changed, For example the “American Dream”, everyone wanted the white house with the picket fence and the yard with a dog and the “perfect” family. Now a days people just want to rent and live together but do not want or feel the need to settle down or can not come up with what it takes to settle down so not many people want to buy homes or have that “perfect family”. Its That people are slowly understanding that a house doesn’t make a home but instead who lives with you in yout house is what makes a home. During the course of the class so far we have read a number of short stories and poems, about people and their home and their share of experiences with family. From what I can read my family does not resemble any of these stories except “Coming Home Again” By Chang-Rae-Lee.
Many people might see their home as a depressing dark and dramatic place, but many also see their home as a place of happiness, a place of sanctuary,a place they can call their own, and that if they were to lose such position they would in fact lose everything. In the poem “Home Is So Sad”, we read how a home might feel when it`s empty,with out its owner living inside, as if they were gone for some time. “Look at the pictures and the cutlery.” Larkin writes ''The music in the piano stool. That vase”. They represent the things about the home that makes it “alive” and that when we are gone it misses us. But In The essay “Homeless” by Ana Quindlen she writes, “She had a house, or at least once upon a time had one. Inside were curtains, a couch, a stove, potholders. You are where you live. She was somebody” (Page 1 ph2). This goes to show that having a house is to have a place of sanity and is a feeling of pride and ownership. If you were in fact to let go or be ripped from that something that brought you all that you would lose your sense of sanctuary. “When I was six or seven years old.” Writes Lee, “I used to watch my mother as she prepared our favorite meals”(P.1) This reminds me of when I was little an still today with my daughter Isabella, my mother prepares our food and we sit around her or on the table and watch her cook. We talk about how much she puts in and