How Bad Do You Think Alex Is And How Does Brooks Present Her In The Novel '

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How bad do you think Alex is and how does Brooks present her in the novel?
Throughout the novel the reader meets many characters; one pivotal character is Alex freeman. Despite the benefit of retrospective narration, Martyn gives a very bias view of Alex, even though he knows what she has done to him. Martyn`s view of her character throughout the novel is positive, which is the only view the reader can hold. However as the novel progresses and all becomes clear, Alex`s real qualities emerge and are seen by the reader as negative.
Alex is presented in the novel by Brooks as being sinister. The reference on Alex smiling around death is repeated. The use of the verb “smiling “ in the phrase “saw her smiling” during the dumping of Martyn`s Dads body suggesting that Alex is sinister, as she is enjoying herself, at times when she should be anxious and possibly upset. Despite the benefit of retrospective narration Alex is presented in a mainly positive light. However Martyn uses this to his advantage and hints at the sinister side to Alex. The use of dark humour in the phrase “no I don`t think we`ll be seeing Dean again” after she knows that she has killed him, suggests that she is sinister because she is laughing at the thought of death . The use of the adjective “cold” in the phrase “ice cold lips” is symbolic of her character as she has a cold side to her character, meaning sinister.
Alex tries her best to cover up the sinister side to herself by acting, which portrays her character in a manipulative way. The repetition of a description of a face which is difficult to read by Martyn suggests to the reader that Alex is very good at acting and uses it to manipulate him. Martyn says “her face looked serious but she could have been putting it on” which shows her ability to act and how she could have been putting it on, the repetition of the description suggests that she was using her ability to manipulate Martyn . Also, foreshadowing is used by brooks to give the reader hints that Alex is acting around Martyn. A line that is repeated constantly is “she never looked back” which suggests that as soon as she is out of Martyn`s company she does not care for him anymore.
By Alex acting, a different side to her character is portrayed to Martyn, making her an unloyal friend. Again, the use of foreshadowing with the line “she never looked back” which is repeated constantly throughout the novel suggests that Alex only manipulated Martyn and never