How Celebrities Are Used in Branding Essay

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Topic: How are celebrities used in branding?

Executive Summary
By definition, a brand is a symbol or name created in the intention of identifying a seller(s) goods or services and to differentiate them from competitors (Keller, K., 2008). In modern times, humans are bombarded with a clutter of brands each day, that it is so difficult to gain the attention of consumers, and distinguish a brand from the many others competing for the same outcome (Jain, V., Sudha, M., & Daswani, A., 2009).
. When introducing a new brand, or using an existing one, getting its name to become aware and defined requires strategy, one of which being celebrity endorsement (Keller, K., 2008). Celebrity endorsement involves a famous person to make the brand knowledgeable and advertise it (Keller, K., 2008).. This written essay analyses and discusses how the form of celebrity endorsement affects brands, in the minds of consumers, the brand itself, and its management. This essay compares the benefits against risks of the using celebrity endorsement, as well as how celebrities are chosen to represent and support a new or existing brand. The conditions that come with brand endorsement to celebrities in their role are also discussed in the essay. The findings obtained for the purpose of this essay was researched and brought together by a numerous set of articles ranging in topic. This essay concludes that if celebrity endorsement is strategically and intelligently used, it can impact the brand immensely in building its existence in consumers’ minds.

Branding is a symbol or name created in the intention of identifying a seller(s) goods or