How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Society

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The effects of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain were more negative. I believe the industrial revolution had more negative effects then positive. For example, the way the workers were treated, what the factories did to the Earth and land and how it changed people’s characteristics. Granted the Industrial Revolution didn’t hurt society as much as the Black Plague but I believe it changed people and their views as much as when the Black Plague took place. The first reason I believe the Industrial Revolution was negative was the way the workers were treated. The workers specifically, women and children were paid less than men. They worked very long hours and paid only a few dollars. It put a lot of strain on the workers causing them to get hurt. A surgeon from the time of the Industrial Revolution explained some of the ways the children workers were hurt. “Many instances the muscles and the skin is stripped down to the bone and, in some instances a finger or two might be lost.” Sometimes a child may not even make it to the hospital and just be killed immediately. This shows how bad the workplace conditions could be. Another reason the Industrial Revolution was negative was the effects the factories had on the Earth and land. …show more content…
People were acting differently because of the pollution and the miserable working conditions they had to go to almost every day. Flora Tristian again describes the way the people acted on this gloomy days. “On such black days the Englishman is under the spell of his climate and behaves like a savage beast to anybody who crosses his path, giving and receiving knocks without a word of apology on either side.” People’s morals started to change a miserable person isn’t going to a happy and kind person when they have a miserable reality that they have to deal with almost every day of their live and most hours of the