How To Learn A Foreign Language Essay

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I never understood the point in having to learn a foreign language. I thought it just brought on more stress to the students’ lives and mainly taking away time from classes that would benefit their everyday life and future career. Here I am five Spanish classes later enjoying every second of it and understanding why it is beneficial to know another language. The question I had at the beginning was “why do I have to take something that will not mean anything in my career?” The answer is so clear now and I agree, it helps one gain knowledge and expand their understanding of the other cultures and individuals around them. In the short video clip entitled, “10 Surprising Ways to Offend People in Other Countries,” indeed was surprising. I knew that culture varies region to region, but mainly only well-aware of my own culture. I was shocked at how simple symbols or gestures differ. A simple smile can be offensive to someone in another place, but that’s the nice and polite thing to do in the United States. Though, I was familiar of the variety of …show more content…
They were individuals who were asked to “cover” or disguise themselves. It’s so sad to think that places encourage people to be someone they are not. It is important to show who you really are. Learning a different language and learning about surrounding cultures could help clear this madness up. If everyone knew of the different cultures of individuals, each person could be themselves and not hiding. No one would have to pretend to be of another culture just to fit in. It just really affects me to think, people are not allowed to promote their culture to prevent misunderstandings. I could not imagine living in a time where I had to be someone I am not, fortunately, I along with other cultures, are able to freely expose who we are. Multilingualism can clarify any international issues going on in the world and stop perceptions of people who are