Characteristics Of Estj

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Peiming Zhao
HRM assignment
According to the test, the result represent my type is ESTJ. It means extravert, sensing, thinking and judging. ESTJs often find themselves in occupations that require thorough analysis, practical planning and organizational skills, process control and responsibility. ESTJs make good mid- and high-rank managers and executives. They succeed as military and police workers, politicians, engineers and entrepreneurs. They are found in technology companies among those who deal with practical aspects of technology (e.g. implementation specialists). I think this result is accurate.
I think I have four characteristics. First one is I have strong ability of organizing. Second one is I am a forthrightly person, I always express my own thought. The third one is I aim at perfection in everything I do. The last one is really bad characteristic, when I met trouble I will impatience.
I think my positive style in working with other people is my strong ability of organizing and I am a forthrightly person. I have responsible and has a strong sense of enterprising spirit. I bear hardships and stand hard work, stick, never yielding. I have a good working relationship between with colleagues and interpersonal relationships and I am very willing to help others. I could persuasive to express my views and accept other people's advice.
My negative style in working with other people is I always lack patience when I meet trouble. When I spent my time and