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Part 1: Human Resources Manager Composition
At Slippy Cup we strive for excellence, unity, and diversity. The Human Resource department is responsible for assisting the organization and acting as a guidance point for our employees. We uphold the company’s code of conducts and well as keeping the organization up to date on any new policy or structural changes. As an HR professional we are role models for having the highest standards of ethical conduct within our organization and we uphold all employees to this standard. We must be ethical and act as such, and make sure that the actions of everyone including board members within the organization are ethical and implemented in an ethical manner. This includes training all employees on the terms sexual harassment, discrimination, illegal drugs and alcohol, vender relationships, employee safety, security and company privacy. Making sure that all understand the repercussions of their actions should any ethics be compromised is a primary goal for the Human resource department.
The HR department faces several issues, organizational changes including but not limited to lay-offs, and managing implementing diversity. Some internal factors that affect the HR department range from unskilled workers, new services and products that require more detail training or a specific skill (Vitez, O. 2013, October 12). In order to help the company the HR department must find the proper employee by either recruiting an employee that has all the set skills needed for the position or training the ones that have most of the qualities that is needed for the job. Keeping the current employees up to date on new policies, software, as well as compensation are other issues that arise often, during economic times it is challenging to give merit increases, bonuses and even employee matching programs (i.e. 401K).The HR department professionals will maintain high levels of trust for the company’s stakeholders, protecting the interests as well as the professional integrity. The HR department will not engage in any activities that can or will create actual, apparent, or even potential conflicts of the company’s interest. (SHRM. 2007, November 16)
The breakdown of the Human Resource department is made up of the following titles.
Human Resources Assistant, Human Resource Representative, Benefits Administrator, and Human Resource Manager. The Human Resource Assistant provides administrative assistance; they support all others in the Human Resource department. Duties include employment recruitment and verification, keeping records of employees, and overall communications. The Human Resource Representative provides employees with guidance, and updated policies, and policies changes. The HR Rep helps to support management at all levels of the company. The Benefits Administrator is responsible for educating employees on their medical, dental, and 401K choices, this position is responsible for resolving any issues pertaining to retirement plans, insurance, and payroll. The Human Resource Manager is responsible for everyone under the Human Resource umbrella. This position must work under little to no supervision, has great business making decisions, responsible for implementing all policies, and constructing new ones. The Human Resource Manager works closely with the company’s executives including the CEO, President, and Vice President. The HR manager must also provide guidance, making sure that all employees are following company protocol. Here are a few websites for the HR professional;
National Human Resources Association,
Part 2: Human Resources Manager Executive Summary

Human Resource department will support the Board of Directors, and all employees of the company. The HR department will provide the following services (1)