Human Resource Essay

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As the production supervisor for Sweeney Electronics, Nakeisha Joseph was generally well regarded by most of her subordinates. Nakeisha was an easygoing individual who tried to help her employees in any way she could. If a worker needed a small loan until pay day, she would dig into her pocket with no questions asked. Should an employee need some time off to attend to a personal problem, Nakeisha would not dock the individual’s pay; rather, she would take up the slack herself until the worker returned.

Everything had been going smoothly, at least until the last performance appraisal period. One of Nakeisha’s workers, Bill Overstreet, had been experiencing a large number of personal problems for the past year. Bill’s wife
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Documenting will help the appraiser to save more time. This is because the process will become easier if they need to refer back to the appraisal, they already have the document. They do not have to sit and start to remember how they evaluated the person.
Last but not least, is the preparation. Preparation is essential to ensure the productive and effectiveness of the performance appraisal. The appraiser might need to make some preparation in terms of job analysis and the work habits. This is because these are the key points that will help the appraiser too gather information regarding the employee’s thought and also to focus on the area that the appraiser might want to emphasize during the performance appraisal.
As a conclusion, a supervisor needs to follow the procedures of the performance appraisal very well. It is to ensure the satisfaction among all workers and give a bright future for the company itself. According to this case, Nakeisha must change her attitude and develop an effective performance appraisal to prevent the case of Bill will happen again.


Performance appraisal is a formal system of review and evaluation of individual or team task performance (R.Wayne Mondy & J.Bandy Mondy, 2012). Snell and Bohlander defined performance appraisal as the process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities. It is