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LaRay Reed
Learning Management System Review
Learning Management Systems (LMS) are relatively new to the learning process of schools and businesses, as they depend on access to the Internet. LMS provides a way to deliver content to students that are not going to complete assignments or go through the material at the same time like a traditional classroom. LMS allows courses to be set up to for discussion between students through discussion board and assignments to be completed online. Not only are students more accountable with the data provided through LMS but also the instructors are able to change assignments up for students that are struggling on the fly.
I have chosen to review Instructure, although it was not at the top of the list given it seems to be an easy to use solution for teachers and students. Instructure provides a free to use tool for teachers to set up classes but also has a paid platform for schools that choose to use it in the same way HCC uses Blackboard. Both options offer nearly all the same features and access for teachers and students. Instructure appears to mimic social network sites in design and ease of use with familiar blue color scheme of FaceBook. Within the LMS there are a great variety of lessons that can be made as Instructure allows for tests, discussions, and different types of assignments to be created. There are chats and connection areas for live interaction and the ability to upload videos to assignments to make interaction more personal. Outside websites and other areas can be linked for example can be used to turn in assignments to check for originality.
In order to choose a LMS for the organization I worked for there are a few key areas that I would look for before making a decision to use a product. First there would need to be a balance between the price of the platform and what is offered, as it would not matter how great a platform was if the price range was too high. Next I would look for ease of use for those who will be enrolled in the classes and lessons that we plan to be use. I would also look for the platform to be able to grow to accommodate future use that was not planned for but will come over time as our needs change. Consideration would be needed for the