Human Resources Profession Map Essay

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Activity 1

Human Resources Profession Map is used by HR personnel to understand what is required of them to make a difference and drive the performance of the organisation. It also describes the highest standards of professional competence for the organization within its 8 behaviours, 10 professional areas and 4 bands.
HRPM is designed to be relevant and available to HR professionals anywhere in the world covering all sectors and organisations.

INSIGHTS, STRATEGY AND SOLUTIONS – this is one of the core professional areas in HRPM which explains that a successful HR professional develops insight-led solutions, identifies opportunities and risks to act on them, and is able to prioritize HR strategies
LEADING HR – professionals in this area are leaders which own, shape and drive themselves, and others, in their organization. They have a professional impact and personal leadership which allows them to deliver value and performance

Remaining professional areas:
Service delivery and information
Organisation design
Organisation development
Resourcing and talent planning
Learning and development
Performance and reward
Employee engagement
Employee relations

DECISIVE THINKER – ability to analyse and understand data and information quickly
SKILLED INFULENCER – influences clients to gain necessary commitment and support from diverse stakeholders
PERSONALLY CREDIBLE – builds and delivers professionalism through combining commercial and HR expertise in order to bring value to the organization
COLLABORATIVE – works effectively and inclusively with a range of people
ROLE MODEL – always leads by example and acts with integrity and independence, and encourages others to act in line with organisational standards
CURIOUS – future focused and open minded. Seeks or creates opportunities to test new ideas or innovations
COURAGE TO CHALLENGE – explores and takes into account the full range of viewpoints to provide supporting evidence and also consults others for ideas or advice when facing unexpected problems
DRIVEN TO DELIVER – demonstrates determination to deliver the best results for the organisation and keeps track of own progress to meet and exceed agreed standards

Band 1
Within this band HR professionals focus is on delivering fundamentals to clients, processing activity and client support. They need to be efficient, accurate and flexible.
Band 2
Advising and managing individual or team – based human resource issues. HR professional needs to understand the problems and parameters, analyse, evaluate and give a solution that will resolve the problem.
Band 3
As a leader of the professional area he is providing flexible and innovative solutions and risk analyses, and addressing the HR challenges at the organizational level
Band 4
Leader of the organisation is developing the HR strategies, understands the organisational and industry realities also as the clients needs.

HR professional in this area is making sure that the organisation has the appropriate resources, capability and talent. They collect and collate data to produce reliable and relevant management information to help provide advice on the correct choice to fill a resourcing need.
To ensure that succession plan records are accurate and maintained they need to be familiar with legal, regulatory and policy parameters.

Activity 2

Director needs to have his travel arrangements done for a business meeting at the end of the week.
Manager is saying that a power point presentation needs to be done for the employee training next week.
New hire employee needs a written statement about his employment contract.

In this example of conflicting requests an HR professional needs to evaluate to whom would they give priority.

1. Director has priority between the manager and employee, as the business meeting will be held