Illegal Immigration and Immigrants Essay example

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Immigration Concerns

There has been concerns worldwide regarding the idea of immigration in several concepts. Should they have more harsh regulations to keep this country safe and reliable? Many have thought carefully whether these options are necessary or not. In my opinion I believe immigrants should be less judged from past experiences and given a chance to live the way they have dreamed of. Isn't that a quite reasonable idea? It is still a free country right? To be whoever you want to be? Immigrants have shown in some ways difficulties and certain issues but many have not. If anything most have brought new ideas with them to share and have affected this country in great ways. Diversity is important. First off, Immigrants have been limited to a certain extent. Some of which I don't agree with, such as different areas to fit them in better with certain religions, or cultures. Many cannot work for specific job positions because of their "inability of some skills or language difficulties". They should have a chance to learn and then be judged by their abilities. Second, immigrants are judged more often or not of crimes. Not all have previously shown criminal behaviors. It is only fair to see what some are capable of doing and not doing. In the US Immigration News, an article states the values of enduring success, which provides much knowledge about a choice to fail or succeed. Lastly, and most importantly many citizens born in the US agree and believe that if immigration weren't to be allowed as easily we would not have the benefits we were